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We have to show people we have a better idea than the extremists have – to learn from each other and live with each other.”

Tony Blair, Patron of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation

Globalisation will be the greatest force for good in the 21st century, but it will also create the century’s greatest challenges. Different cultures and faiths will need to work together, and live together as never before.  Ignorance and misunderstanding of the other can lead to fear, causing mistrust, prejudice, conflict and extremism. 

The Faith Foundation works to tackle the ideology that gives rise to religious based conflict and extremism, by combatting the narrative that gives it strength in the world. We believe that education and practical collaboration are key to developing respect and understanding between people of different faiths and cultures.  To be genuine global citizens and contributors to the well-being of society we will need to learn about and be at ease with the cultures, faiths and beliefs that inspire so many people around the world. 

By investing in the Faith Foundation you are helping bring about a more peaceful and stable world. Thank you for joining us in this endeavour.


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$10 will help connect two high schools from different parts of the globe, so that they can explore their common values and learn to respect their cultural differences.

$20 will help provide essential training to faith leaders in developing countries to help them work together to address major health concerns in their communities, such as malaria.

$50 will help train a high school teacher in an area facing religious tension in how to breakdown barriers of fear and misunderstanding, both at home and abroad.



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